Welcome to Frinab!

We know cable and cable assembly and can help you with customade solutions to fit your production. We have a wide range of products that can be prefabricated, for example cords for lighting, heat resistant cable for industrial use, complex cabling for automotive, connection system for low voltage, components etc. We have a large and modern production that ensures us to meet your demands. Frinab is located in Light City, Fristad - 13 km north of Borås, Sweden.


Frinab founded in 1985 and is located in Light City, Fristad. Frinab provides cables and components in the voltage range 12-500 V, used in the Lighting and Manufacturing industry.

Frinab have produced textile cords for more than twenty years. The cords are produced in requested lengths with components from selected European suppliers as well as our own manufacturing. In early 2000, we started production in China in order to provide our customers suppliers in China with first class electrical components. The factory is located in Changan main road between Shenzhen and Guangzhou in southern Dongguan province.

Since 2007, we have a production unit in Siauliai, Lithuania.