About us

Staffan established Frinab 1985

He saw a business opportunity.

An entrepreneur with big visions

Staffan Svensson and his brother combined their expertise from confection- and lighting industry, and out of this the company Frinab was born. It began with contract manufacturing, cutting and processing cables, after a few months the idea of customized cables evolved.

In the late 80s, outsourcing was a relatively unknown concept. Each factory manufactured its own products from start to finish. It was in this Staffan Svensson saw a business opportunity and a need in the market. By offering customized cables and cable assembly to simplify production for the lighting industry. Prefabricated cables with the requested contacting was offered at the same cost as the companies previously purchased the raw material for. The success was soon a fact.

One of the success factors has always been Frinabs high level of service. Goods have been delivered by taxi and even machines have been taken to the customer to help out - no effort was too great.

The legacy of Staffan, who suddenly passed away in 2013, is still strong and lives on in the company. Ingela Svensson, Staffan's wife, is now the owner but has handed over the leadership to CEO Bo Hennings in 2014.